Being Judy Armstrong

She lives on the 3rd floor, or

somewhere up there

comes down the steps only

to get it going, then

we start to bang

on the drum

I am blind today

The sun came to see her yesterday, after dark, asked

if it was ok not to shine on

Nov. 1 and 18, after the noon hour,

I don’t know what she said

to him, we’ll have to wait and see

She is not called by her real name

but she is called

round the clock

to change the order

of things, or put things to order, yet,

no one knows no one knows

because changes touched by her

feel like the norm, why? I’d like it the other way

She comes down the steps, waltzes

across with a glass of red red

tilts her head before she says  oooh

– meaning a load’s off some shoulders

I am crippled today

She teaches grammar to the needy,

“It’s so crucial,” she says, “after all, everyone Wants,

right? But can they spell it out?”

She clucks her tongue to start

again every single time

She cooks a huge bird, yes, to feed us all. Then

she cooks for the tiny bird, the one

we’d not dare eat

Her days are 27 hours, not long

enough, but still, she’s made

a good deal with the minutes. I

admire her. Why the hell

should any minute get

any good deal out us?

She calculates us on the tip

of her fingers, subtracts the job

from I, then she adds me

into the day’s remains, “There

we are,” She says with an smile. She’s got

a whole & a half # out. She believes

I’ll improve, so I will.


has done it many times, I

am sure she’ll do it fine this time, too, I

just go to bed.

Today I am deaf

She blinks a tear, tears a smile halfway away

I talk, and I walk

I wonder if she is tired

If I ask, would she stop to think of it?

Now, she wants to go back.

I am mute today

She says she wants to go back. If

she goes back she will not be back.

she would come here only

to help us get by

DMWB, yesterday today tonight tomorrow and all we know is that she’s remained what she’s always been –A Joudee

because she is

today I am

October 29, 2005

Owen Sound



By: Saghi Ghahraman

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